Cities & Memory – Liquid@Fringe Arts Bath



Sound Waves, a collaborative project by Cities and Memory, formed part of World Listening Day 2015. It celebrated and built on World Listening Day’s 2015 theme of water by presenting a collective reimagining of the sounds of water around the world. Thirty-eight sound artists from around the world submitted a field recording and reimagining of water somewhere in the world: ocean, river, lake, stream, swimming pool, boiling kettle, splash of a puddle – anything in which water is the defining sound.By capturing the sounds of water and recontextualising them, we examined our own relationship with water as it surrounds us every day.

A selection of the reimagined sounds will be included in Liquid.


Venue confirmed for Liquid@ FaB

This beautiful building will house the group exhibition. Minutes from the Holburne Museum and on the banks of the Avon, Cleveland Pools is commencing a £4m HLF renovation, and Liquid will kickstart the ambitious project to restore this exceptional site to its former glory.


James Sharkk, Liquid at Fringe Arts Bath

sea - James Sharkk

As a FaB Guest Curator it is my pleasure to introduce the photography of James Sharkk. This young artist seeks to play with our perception with these deceptively simple images. Liquid brings together SW UK artists and Hungarian artists whose work focuses on water through the media of film, photography and sonic work, to be exhibited as part of FaB and at Arts Quarter Budapest.


Zita Gyurokovics – Liquid at Fringe Arts Bath

A little taster of work to be exhibited next month, by Hungarian artist Zita Gyurokoviks , a piece entitled Borders Alive

Borders Alive - Gyurokovics Zita - Installaìcio


Abris Gryllus – Liquid at Fringe Arts Bath


Introducing some work by Abris Gryllus, this piece – Homage to Gyirgy Ligeti – reconstructs Ligeti’s piece Poéme Symphonique written in 1962.The work consist of 100 digital metronomes that are set up on the floor in a 10×10 matrix. Expect something watery for Liquid @FringeArtsBath


Klara Petra Szabo at Fringe Arts Bath


A selection from Frostworks by the Hungarian artist Klara Petra Szabo will be exhibited in Liquid as part of Fringe Arts Bath. More details about the work can be found here.


Laura Hopes at Fringe Arts Bath

In the second showcase of artists selected for Liquid at Fringe Arts Bath it is with great pleasure that I bring to your attention the formidable Laura Hopes, with Tank. You can find her moving image work here

Tank still




Liquid at FaB – the final selection

It has been fascinating receiving over 35 entries for the UK artists who will be represented in Fringe Arts Bath, and excruciating deciding which 2/3 will go forward into the exhibition Liquid. However, I can now reveal with great pleasure that alongside my work, I will be showcasing the works of Laura Hopes, Cities & Memory, James Sharkk, Abris Gryllus, Klara Petra Szabo, Zita Gyurokoviks , and Erik Matrai  (Hungary). Within a few days I will be able to reveal the venue – likely to be very special indeed! And totally fitting for an exhibition on this theme. Over the coming days I shall showcase the individual artists on this blog, but as a taster, here is a work by Erik Matrai to whet your appetite.

Parting of Red Sea