Wet Cambridge

A sonic drawing of wet Cambridge

Produced as part of the Cambridge Sustainability Residency 2015 and exhibited as part of the Raw Catalyst exhibition at Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art. CCTV of a Cambridge Drain

Using the sound of water to make sonic drawings

I have been exploring the sonic possibilities of water, and in doing so found a rich terminology. Bioacoustics, Acoustic ecology. Biosphere soundscapes, sonic ecologies. Sonic exploration. Sonic terrain. Exposing your narrative.

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Breaking Wave

(Yes, but is it spilling, plunging, collapsing, or surging?)

In fluid dynamics, a breaking wave is a wave whose amplitude reaches a critical level at which some process can suddenly start to occur that causes large amounts of wave energy to be transformed into turbulent kinetic energy. (Tell me about it). At this point, simple physical models that describe wave dynamics often become invalid, particularly those that assume linear behaviour. (That much I do know)

Because of the horizontal component of the fluid velocity associated with the wave motion, wave crests steepen as the amplitude increases; wave breaking generally occurs where the amplitude reaches the point that the crest of the wave actually overturns.

Breaking Wave
Breaking Wave